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EuroAtlantic’s in-depth familiarity with local, regional and EU affairs is crucial for creating a favorable business and policy environment for its clients. Relying on its widespread political and business networks, the Company develops government and stakeholder relations, advocacy and interest representation services, political, regulatory and risk management, including early warning. EuroAtlantic positions its clients to raise their profiles and generate influence. We engage stakeholders in order to explain organizational policies and views on relevant issues.

Our public affairs related work combines government relations, issue management, information dissemination. It is essential that our public affairs work is based on the most up to date information. EuroAtlantic devises strategies on who to engage with, on what issues to get involved in.



Political- governmental work

  • Political and legislative analysis/ forecast

  • Political and parliamentary risk analysis

  • “Early warning”

  National scope

  • ​Regulatory analysis

  • Risk assessments

  • Preparing position materials

  • Preparing recommendations/proposals

  • Liaising with authorities, municipalities


European Union scope

  • Comparing, analyzing EU and national regulations

  • Risk assessments

  • Preparing position materials

  • Preparing recommendations and proposals

  • Liaising with Brussels