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EuroAtlantic proposes tailor-made business development solutions and advises investors to find the right targets and companies to find the right partners. EuroAtlantic provides up-to-date country specific information, including EU funds, government grants and subsidies. The Company guides its clients through the current laws and regulations. EuroAtlantic has a dedicated business unit to pursue local public procurement and EU tenders.​​​ Our mission is to help our partners achieve their goals and objectives in an efficient and innovative way.

Our job includes analyzing potential growth opportunities and supporting our clients’ implementation of these opportunities.



  • Business climate is highly competitive and having authentic and reliable information is a real advantage. EuroAtlantic has the ability to provide its clients with critical and the most up-to-date information currently available on the market, whether it is a snapshot or an in-depth survey of the state of affairs. Services are in every case tailored to the clients’ needs.

  • Our company provides a monitoring service in order to keep our clients informed of all relevant information.