Business and political consulting

We effectively represent our clients at Hungarian, regional and EU level in creating a favorable business and political environment for them. Based on our political and business network covering a broad spectrum, we are able to generate state and private projects and effectively represent business interests. We analyze market and state processes for investment partners, and reveal the risk points for making their decisions. We help our clients position themselves in the market and expand their government relations.

We offer

Project generation

Business project management

Strategic consulting

Hungarian and international business development

Government relations

Strong relationships with European and local policymakers, government and non-state officials are key to manage public affairs issues effectively.

We offer:

  • Identification of relevant decision-makers (stakeholder mapping) 
  • Monitoring of legislative developments relevant to strategic objectives 
  • Analysis of the legislative environment and its impact on your business 
  • Relationship building to strengthen reputation with government and non-state actors 
  • Strategic communication to position you with key political and business decision-makers 
Due diligence

Local intelligence for business transactions helps clients identify points of negotiations, evaluate key risks in support of due diligence and M&A processes. It is often the hard-to-reach information that may reveal decision-useful details when initiating a business project.

We offer:

  • Research and analysis of company backgrounds
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Processing of information concerning shareholders and creditors, government relations, investor characteristics
  • Compliance and risk detection
ESG / Sustainability

Regarding to publicly available information, geopolitical analysis, global and macro trends, we help to evaluate business opportunities and support sustainable transformation and growth. Integrating ESG factors into our business risk analysis is consistent with our commitment to act in the best interest of investors.

We offer:

  • Consulting board and C-level on ESG requirements 
  • ESG-related regulations, compliance support 
  • Competitor analysis and ESG roadmap
  • ESG compliance check, pre-transactions’ risk detection
  • Research on ESG challenges and opportunities in CEE markets 
  • Mapping of EU funds supporting sustainable transformation

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