In the case of the website, the data controller is the operator:

  • EuroAtlantic Tanácsadó és Befektetési Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (Registered office: 1033 Budapest, Polgár utca 8-10. C. ép. 151., company registration number: 01-10-141531, tax number: 27428038-2-41, telephone: + 36 30 684 8079)
  • and on behalf of EuroAtlantic, Promotheus Agency Bt. (Registered office: 4481 Nyíregyháza, Gyula utca 1., company registration number: 15-06-080758, tax number: 25648694-2-15, telephone number: +36 1 616 6138).

The purpose of data management is to provide authentic, up-to-date and accurate information about the activities and contact details of EuroAtlantic through the operation of the website.

Scope of personal data managed: the website does not automatically record personal data about the user.

The website uses only so-called functional cookies.

Cookies can perform various tasks: they can speed up the use of the site, they can make the site easier to use by not having to specify settings on a page-by-page basis, they can collect statistics, and they can analyze user behavior. However, it is not necessary to use all types of cookies on a website.

The EuroAtlantic website only works with functional cookies, without which the proper functioning of the site cannot be ensured. By using functional cookies, the website operator does not store personal data.

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