EAC Products

Due to the constantly changing economic environment, up-to-date information is always necessary for successful business decisions. EuroAtlantic’s self-developed products and services effectively contribute to it, with which we are able to help our customers on the market in a unique way.

We offer

Summaries of EU-related news

CEE energy reports

Hungarian economic and political insights

(Geo)Political Risk Analysis

EuroAtlantic’s experts analyze global and regional political trends and reveal geostrategic coherences that help government decision-makers managing political processes.

We offer:

  • Analysis of EU political processes
  • Analysis of economic and political processes of the East-Central European region
  • Sector and industry-specific analysis
  • Geopolitical analyzis based on the specific needs of clients
  • Analysis of Israel and Israeli geopolitical contexts

Sanctions Navigator

Both the number and scope of sanctions have been constantly increasing worldwide, and inevitably change the international business environment. The cost of not having a thorough understanding of partners and clients has never been higher.

We offer:

  • Database service to find sanctions by search terms quickly 
  • Value-added analysis of targets by network research and profiling 
  • Identifying ultimate beneficial owners and ’grey eminences’ 
  • Analyzing long-term consequences of sanctions on doing business in CEE markets  
  • Vacuum analysis: how to fill the gaps left open by sanctioned entities in CEE markets 
  • Market entry support

EU Monitor

EU-Monitor is a Brussels-based content provider focusing on EU affairs, including decision-making and legislation processes involving all the three central EU institutions: European Council, European Commission, and European Parliament.

Going beyond reporting on daily events, our professionals provide regular analysis and background information to clients, making it easier to understand what is going on and why. EU-Monitor has been operating as trusted content provider for Hungarian public administration since 2001.

We offer 

  • Daily and weekly summaries of essential EU-related news 
  • Monitoring EU decision-making processes related to specific issues (e.g., status, development, and forecast) 
  • Regional and issue-specific monitoring and analyses of key EU-related political, economic, and regulatory issues

CEE Energy Review

Geopolitical risks permeate today’s Central European investment scene. It has become painfully evident that decision-makers cannot afford to neglect a geostrategic perspective. EuroAtlantic’s monthly reports provide solution to address this problem. 

Our service focuses on CEE energy market dynamics, EU regulatory movements, and online content monitoring. The Energy Review offers complex approach to analyze risks and opportunities in the current Central European ‘arena’. 

Combining on-the-ground coverage (Brussels), expert insights, and cutting-edge technology, we deliver a conceptual framework for productive conversations among high-level decision-makers. 

Country Report

The Country Report Hungary aims to provide insights into the country’s most important domestic and foreign policy events and economic developments on a quarterly basis.

The Report is helpful for both political and business actors who want to understand the country’s social-political dynamics and investment environment. In addition to describing quarterly events, the Country Report also provides a forecast to help clients’ planning in an increasingly uncertain world.

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